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Are you using the Internet to effectively share student information and build stronger relationships with your constituents? In recent years, the Internet has become the communications vehicle of choice for many schools, colleges & universities.
Competitiveness of manufacturing companies is driven by the ability to quickly launch new products, and speed time-to-market and order-to-cash cycles – all while reducing inventory and cost. Savvytech has the domain experience and the technological depth to address a range of challenges that the industry faces. It’s where you indicate whether your web site uses double hyphens, or codes em dashes.
Supply Chain Management
Consumers are better informed and more demanding than ever before. They research products on the Internet and settle for nothing less than a good deal. Starved for time, they seek both convenience and good customer service.
Reach your customers more efficiently and without regard to geographic limitations. Sell your products and services online in a secure environment that helps you grow your business. Savvytech is the developer of major vertical market E-Commerce applications.
Savvytech team is passionate about improving healthcare through the strategic use of technology. By taking an integrated view of the healthcare industry, we help our clients quickly address the demands of today’s regulatory, rules, laws and competitive environment.
The transportation and distribution world is a rapidly changing landscape marked by unprecedented complexity. Increased global trade makes logistics supply chains even longer and more dynamic, and customer expectations continue to rise.
The utilities industry, whether it s electric, gas or water, faces a new set of challenges. These include increased competition through deregulation, increasing public scrutiny, and escalating demands for natural resources.
Media & Communication
Digital Media. Interactive TV. New Revenue Streams. e-Distributions. Repackaged Content. What a challenge! What a new way to connect with your audience! In today’s competitive landscape, you’re challenged with finding ways to implement new business models, create new customer relationships, and get more mileage out of your content.
Winning insurers understand the battle for customers and the challenge to growth profitability in the ever changing and highly competitive insurance market. Savvytech has collaborated with the world’s leading life, general (property & casualty) and health insurance companies to deliver tangible, sustainable results.
Banking & Finance
In today’s competitive landscape, while continuing to maintain and control costs, retail bankers are focusing on achieving growth, updating core systems, improving sales and service for greater customer satisfaction and adopting sourcing strategies that will also help meet regulatory demands.
Relationships that result in referrals and new business are key to a law firm’s long-term success. Having access to the right information, when and where it’s needed, is critical. Savvytech provides a full range of litigation management and legal cost solutions worldwide, including case management and collaborative bill review software, outsourcing and consulting services.

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